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Real Estate Market in Calicut – Trends and Observations

23 Oct 2014, Posted by admin in Uncategorized
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Real estate market in Calicut is growing at a rapid pace, with the government implementing several schemes that benefit the infrastructure and real estate industry. Besides, people are opting Calicut, an area with favorable demographics and rapid urbanization, as the best location to settle down. Current real estate boom suggests that Calicut will be a rewarding property investment destination soon.

Kozhikode (aka Calicut), a real estate hub spot, has been attracting people from all over the country, to invest in residential and commercial spaces. With several flats, commercial buildings erected the face of several areas including Chevayur, Baluserry, Elathur, West Hill, Thondayad, Mankavu and Malaparamba have changed dramatically. Once remote areas, these are now easily accessible, thanks to the KSRTC and local transportation that facilitates intercity commuting, not to mention the well-designed National Highway and State Highways.

Ten or Fifteen-year back, a land that cost couple of Lakhs is now valued at Crores and there are buyers ready to invest.  Reputed builders are working on a number of commercial and residential projects to cater to the increasing needs of the buyers. People are ready to shed cash on properties as they could fathom the high returns from the investments.   NRI’s can easily afford Flats in Calicut, Apartments in Calicut and Luxury Apartments in Calicut. They are attracted by the community living idea, a concept, designed by builders while creating spaces.

Buying and selling properties are becoming easier than ever with the increased financial support offered by government and other financial institutions and service from real estate brokers. The development in real estate will continue over the years with upcoming investments in Monorail project and better government policies and schemes. If you wish to make such an investment that will guarantee a long-term revenue, get help from investment managers and real estate firms.

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